Bernie Allen

As a hugely successful keynote speaker, host and facilitator, it would look to many people that Bernie has all the confidence in the world, but it wasn’t always like that. She had to work on developing herself in lots of areas, both in her personal & business life. Areas such as …Self Worth, Self Awareness, Self Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Expressing yourself, Talking in front of people, presenting, Approaching people, selling and a lot more…


Bernie’s personal journey from the age of 9 has involved coping with  many personal tragedies…. leaving school at 16 years old… being a one parent family at 20… working in many, many, different job sectors… owning a couple of traditional businesses … being 1,000s and 1,000s of £s in debt.


Overcoming all of this Bernie has become a very successful 

entrepreneur, debt free, keynote speaker, trainer, coach and 

mentoring 1,000s of people around the world, a budding author, owing her own life and walking the beaches of the world.


Her true life experiences and 30 years experience as both a business owner and now entrepreneur, has given Bernie both the knowledge and experience to help others see their true potential in both life and in business.


If you are tired of having low or even no confidence and want 

someone to ‘work with you in the trenches’ and guide you to get results in your performance in every area of your life then Bernie is that person.


She know‘s that working on trying to be more confident alone can be discouraging: you put up in the effort thinking it’ll just 

somehow ‘work’ only to make no sales. Your enthusiasm and hope can begin to fade, taking the wind right out of your sales.  What makes it more frustrating is you hear all the stories about 

Overnight Success and you wonder, “Why can’t I achieve the same success?”


Bernie believes in not beating yourself up as there is rarely any such thing as overnight success.


Your mind can be all over the place and sometimes you don’t feel motivated to continue.


Paying attention to your state of mind is crucial to your success and Bernie provides golden nuggets, tip and tools to help you achieve the results that you crave.


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