Christina Harbridge’s behavior change philosophy is the product of her many eclectic life experiences. She has

co-authored software, built a company that hit national revenue success, practiced acrobatic swing dancing, been a NASA test subject, and collaborated to design several large-scale metal sculptures currently on display in San Francisco, Austin, and Toronto.

One of Christina’s first career milestones came with the creation of a debt collection company that turned industry norms upside down. Collectors collected by being nice and were given bonuses based on the number of thank you notes received. 

The results: nice collected 3 times the industry average.  They even got invited to weddings!  


While still running her company, Christina began fielding requests from many high-profile politicians, business leaders, and TED presenters, coaching them on bypassing ideological drama and increasing influence. Soon, Christina’s passion for helping others develop into more effective communicators became her main focus. 

In 2006, Christina sold the debt collection company and started a new company to concentrate full time in helping individuals and companies uncover the underlying behaviors around communication that effect overall performance and happiness.

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