Danielle Brown

Danielle always had big dreams for her future. Even though she didn't always have a clear idea of what that success would look like, she knew that whatever vocation she eventually settled into - she was going to be damned good at it....Failure was not an option.


Her plans came crashing to a halt when she was struck down with a disability as a teenager that severely effected her mobility. She was finally diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a rare and very painful condition in her feet. 


Determined to live life on her terms, Danielle looked around for a sport that didn't involve lots of running around or walking and took up archery on her 15th birthday. This was the first step on a journey that saw her rise to Paralympic glory, dominating her field for over seven years and in the process becoming the first Para athlete to represent England in an able-bodied discipline where she won the gold medal in a team event in 2010. During this time, Danielle also proved doctors wrong by successfully juggling a law degree and achieving first class honours.


Archery was such a big part of Danielle’s life and she was fully committed to making the Olympic team for Rio and trying for her third gold medal. Unfortunately In 2013 Danielle learned that she had failed to classify under the new rules and could no longer compete at Paralympic events. She had started archery because she was fed up of all the limitations imposed on her life and archery had helped a 

disillusioned teenager come to terms with having a disability. In one moment everything she had worked so hard for was gone, just because she didn’t tick a box. 


Danielle has since moved onto other exciting projects and challenges, where she is determined to be as much of a success as she has been in her sport. This time she gets to help others achieve their ambitions and goals through her work as a speaker, trainer and coach.