Dave Fishwick

Entrepreneur Dave Fishwick left school aged 16 without any qualifications.  However, armed with a huge amount of 

determination and ambition, he's now the largest supplier of minibuses in the country, making him a multi-millionaire.


Dave was the star of Channel 4's 2012 hit show 'Bank of Dave'. The observational series saw Dave embark on a 

mission to create his own bank and send it into profit in 180 days. He gave loans to businesses struggling to get help from the conventional banks and finding it hard to grow in the current economic climate.  Much like an old-fashioned bank manager, Dave offered not only money but hands-on advice. He started the bank with his own cash, promised not to take a big salary or bonus and give all profits to charity. 


Further shows on Channel 4 included "David Fishwick: Loan Ranger", "Can Property Pay Your Wages?" and "The 

Shoppers Guide to Saving Money". 


Dave first took an interest in banking in the wake of the economic crisis in 2008/09 when he realised that high street banks were no longer giving loans to his customers.  So he decided to lend them the money himself.  It made him want to take things further and start his own small bank. 


Dave's book, Bank of Dave, appeared on the Sunday Times Business bestseller list.


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