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David Meade

David is a researcher and lecturer in international business with one of Irelands leading Universities, whose personal interests have always focused on aspects of popular psychology, consumer behaviour, and choice. By 

combining these professional and personal passions with his love of the performance of mentalism, David has become a sought after speaker with a reputation for an innovative style that forces audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.


Having caught the bug for mind-reading and mentalism as a teenager, David has been honing his act for nearly 20 years. He has combined a childhood interest with his academic interests to create the remarkable set of skills that he is famous for today. 


Drawing inspiration from many sources and day to day observations, David's act is always developing and progressing, and he is always learning.  David says "In my line of work you have to keep an open mind, so I'm always open to new lessons, new experiences and new technology. It's the only way you can keep up to date and stop your work getting stale."


David's keynotes are carefully designed to offer a significant business case and value. He offers a range of bespoke corporate speaking and motivational packages that always strikes an energetic, meaningful, and memorable keynote for any range of events. If you've seen him live before you'll also know it can be a lot of fun. With his trademark fast paced, fun, and interactive style, David offers an innovative range of bespoke development and motivational packages that can enthuse and inspire audiences from 6 to 2,000 to think critically about the challenges around them.

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