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Dr. Dorian Dugmore has been working in Cardiovascular Medicine and Wellness for 30 years and has written extensively on health, exercise and heart disease.


He is the senior consultant to the LMA at the FA Elite Performance Centre at St. George's Park and invented the Fit to Manage programme, which looks after a wide cross section of high profile football managers and celebrities.


Dr. Dugmore has earned numerous awards for his work, including an MEB "Heart of Britain Award", recognising his contribution towards improving quality of life within the community. He has been featured on British Television a number of times and most recently in a documentary on the "Tonight with Trevor McDonald" Programme, focusing on stress, heart disease and football league management. Many of the managers and celebrities are his clients.


He is one of the most sought after speakers on his subject of Wellness and speaks all over the World for businessess and organisations that are keen to understand the impact of Corporate Wellness on their performance.

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