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An ESCALA private performance is an exclusive 

opportunity to entertain your guests with a stunning visual & musical act…


For each booking a bespoke performance model is designed specific to the client’s needs.


Remarkably the girls electric instruments are completely remote from any floor wiring, allowing them the freedom to perform in a host of unique spaces and in varied choreographed staging presentations.


For special events, they have performed with orchestras, ribbon dancers, aerialists, pop or rock acts, and even have a fiery tango set playing acoustically with a spanish flamenco guitarist. ESCALA perform in a variety of different set ups pending the requirements of the event, the venue and the capacity of the



ESCALA have performed at events around the world for some of the most prestigious brands and personalities. 


From a grand scale in an arena or concert hall, to an intimate cocktail party or gala dinner, they always deliver a memorable highlight to an evening.

Click image for Escala's pdf biog

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