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The leading authority on sales, customers, leadership and change, Geoff is a best-selling author and business guru. Winner of the title of ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild, Geoff is considered to be one of Europe’s most exciting and motivational experts.

He frequently contributes to, and presents on, TV and radio programmes, including starring in the popular ‘All Over the Shop’series on BBC2 helping small businesses to survive and thrive.

A master storyteller whose observations are highly entertaining but also carefully crafted to deliver important business messages, Geoff has worked extensively with a wide range of international companies to inspire, motivate and inform their people. A true maverick, he shares powerful business principles and key ideas relevant to organisations of all sizes and in every sector.

Geoff will challenge the way we do business and offer real world solutions that can be immediately implemented. He will inform, create ideas and tangible tools that will improve your team’s and your organisation’s performance with unforgettable stories that make you remember what really works.

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