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Natalie Graham

Natalie Graham is a BBC radio presenter, documentary presenter, record label owner, manager, executive producer, backing vocalist, writer and compere.


As manager and daughter of British soul music pioneer Jaki Graham, Natalie’s experience has developed from her years within business, touring and learning from some of the most influential and key players within the industry; from those behind the scenes at management and executive levels to 80s, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Motown icons of the past and present.


Natalie’s experience and network has developed from her years within the business, which has allowed her to also consult, influence and facilitate for a number of additional industries outside of the music scene including sports, property and gastronomy.


With her knowledge and personal relationships with numerous musical greats, Natalie has gone on to become a radio presenter for various areas within the BBC as well as venturing into TV. Currently on air 5 nights a week on BBC radio across the Midlands and BBC Radio WM, Natalie has been a voice of comfort for many throughout the course of the recent global pandemic.


As an advocate and supporter of Mental Health Awareness along with her keen interest in overall wellness and wellbeing, Natalie has engaged at first hand with many who have struggled with the recent isolation and detachment that the lockdown has created.


Natalie is someone who has taken the examples set by her mother Jaki Graham and become a role model to others within her own right. Working closely with a number of charities and cementing a solid relationship, where both herself and her mother can in some way give back to various causes.


Natalie fully intends to lead by example and expand on her platform, having become a voice and future face of the UK and beyond.


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