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Professor Steve Peters is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in the functioning of the human mind. 


He holds degrees, higher degrees and postgraduate qualifications in medicine, mathematics, education, medical education, sports medicine and psychiatry.

has clients across a wide range of disciplines from health and education to business and elite sport, and he also works with members of the public. In all areas, he helps people to understand how the mind works, gain insight into their own unique mind and situation, and then develop skills to optimise individual performance and quality of life.

Sir Chris Hoy, Steven Gerrard, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Victoria Pendleton, Anne-Marie and Guy Martin have all spoken or written publically about how Professor Peters’s unique model has helped them improve their performance.


Professor Peters is also the author of the bestselling personal development book The Chimp Paradox which has sold over 1.4 million copies since it was first published in 2012.

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