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Rene's focus is on inspirational leadership, culture and business transformation, bound together by a compelling philosophy founded on his own board level experience

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary leadership and make no mistake about it; we still find ourselves in unprecedented and turbulent waters.

In recent times a good product or service coupled with a good management team was sufficient to ensure success. But in today’s aggressive and unforgiving markets they are no longer enough on their own. Business growth has become pivotal in the battle to stay afloat and keep up with the pace.

Progressive, contemporary businesses are learning the hard way that it is leadership and culture that separate the winners from the losers. The race is no longer about being the best; everybody is trying to do that. The winners are those that strive to be unique, special and different.

Rene Carayol is one of the world’s leading business gurus specialising in leadership, culture and transformation, drawing from his own unique experiences on the boards of some of the biggest international organisations; from Marks & Spencer and Pepsi to IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

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