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From pop star to political pundit,

Scottish-born satirist Rory Bremner is one of the UK's most popular impressionists, comedians and 

awards hosts.

While the frenetic funny man may be best recognized for his regular cameo on Whose Line is It Anyway? (that was Bremner as Prince Charles on a dating show), his wicked impressions of Tony Blair and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have landed him in popular one-man shows and on BBC news and comedy spots like Mock the Week, Whose Line Is It Anyway and They Think It’s All Over.

Bremner's comedic antics have been known to be politically controversial - he convinced Labour's Margaret Beckett he was the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown during a convincing phone conversation.

When he's not prank-calling members of Parliament, the

tri-lingual comedian writes farcical plays and translates operas from French and German into English. He recently "

wit-synced"at The Big Brecht Fest at London's Young Vic Theatre.

Rory is widely rated as Britain’s sharpest impressionist – a

one-man opposition party – with his Channel Four show Bremner, Bird & Fortune which regularly won awards as the best TV satire.


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