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Roy Sheppard is one of the most experienced conference and online facilitators in the world.  This is partly because he ensures it is never about HIM – it’s always about the needs of the client and the audience.


Think of Roy as ‘the conscience of your audience’. As a presenter, he is not just a ‘face’ or a ‘voice’. He thinks. And applies his unique broadcast, live conference and virtual meeting skill sets to ensure your virtual event is as successful as possible.


Whenever clients in government or business need someone who can handle complex and challenging issues, whilst remaining editorially focussed, culturally aware, yet informal, bureaus confidently recommend Roy.  


If he’s involved in your project, you can be rest assured that both speakers and participants are in the safest pair of hands around. He will help your team create the best possible running order and everything else to make your meeting a success, and he will do it brilliantly.


Roy can also offer the option of presenting an entire event via video conference from his professionally equipped TV studio. He can vision-mix his own output using a ‘virtual’ camera which enables him to play in videos, superimpose captions and handle a live feed of submitted audience quesitons. He is a master of ad-ibbing. He is quick-witted and funny – but always respectful of others. And he keeps things to time.


With his level of experience and understanding of how to create effective virtual meetings, Roy will deliver everything you require from an MC and facilitator. And more.


With a long history as a LIVE, fast-thinking BBC news studio presenter and location reporter, Roy has a unique combination of production, producing, programme structuring and formatting, journalism, interviewing, scriptwriting and presenting experience. Today, this combination has never been so relevant to clients who need their online events to be of the highest professional quality: as well as being entertaining and engaging for your audience. 

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