Ryan Hogarth

As author, radio show host, podcaster and avid researcher, Ryan Hogarth speaks, interviews and writes on how to decode the digital age. He explores the seismic shift technology has caused in the last decade, its impact on how we do business, how we interact with colleagues and customers and the evolutionary business models that have emerged.

Ryan made his niche in change, communication and social business. He has developed keynotes, workshops and interventions which help navigate the process to new business thinking. From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Middle East and Europe some of the largest companies have engaged Ryan. He has assisted in providing insight into decoding the digital era as it relates to leadership, the workforce, customers and communications.

He has worked with such clients as Ernst & Young, IBM, ITweb, General Motors, FNB, Telkom, Standard Bank, Microsoft, Transnet, Duke University, BMC, EMC, Oracle, Acer, International Association of Advertisers.


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