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Simon's message is one of single-minded determination, to not only accept what is, but to turn that to your advantage. Simon's own career clearly demonstrates how a positive mental attitude can achieve great business goals.

Simon's irrepressible humour, infectious enthusiasm and immediately engaging personality, have made him the number one choice of many companies who invite him back to speak time and again. An inspiring and moving keynote speaker, Simon is also a wonderful and humorous after dinner speaker.

Simon is always in demand as both a keynote/motivational speaker and after dinner speaker. He has spoken for small Rotary Clubs through to large PLC’s across the UK and Europe

Simon’s presentation topics include:


Overcoming adversity

Accepting change

Dealing with challenges Liking the person you are




Inspiring others


Today Simon takes the opportunity to convey his story in order to motivate and encourage those, who like him, want to move to the next goal, whatever it may be!

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