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Steve Backley

Steve Backley was a four time European Javelin champion, winner of three Commonwealth golds, and the only British athlete to win medals at three consecutive Olympic Games. He was ranked in the top ten for a decade, three times as world number one.


With a background in sports psychology, Steve’s presentations focus on mental preparation and how he trained to peak for major championships. He adds a raft of anecdotes, particularly about his rivalry with the Czech Jan Zelezney.

Steve identifies the three main attributes which lead to success: self-belief, motivation and application. Winning is more than just natural talent. We all have the ability to tap into these natural sources to make the ultimate difference on the day. 

Steve is also author of Winning Mind: A guide to achieving success and overcoming failure. The book shows how to achieve success in sport and business by adopting the right frame of mind. It features powerful messages on goal setting, relaxation techniques, visualisation, positive and negative arousal, motivation, competition and teamwork.

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