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Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett was born and raised in South Africa where he was infused with the country’s unique rhythm. He believes that the pulse and energy of his homeland are a real value to share with the world.


Steve has been a ‘Non-Speaker’ on the Professional Speakers circuit for the past 18 years. Without saying a word, he conducts his audiences and they become his orchestra. Using simple percussion instruments, humour, and positive energy he engages his audience with dynamic ease and moulds an orchestra from each group he encounters, be they 30 people in corporate surroundings, 3 000 in an auditorium or 30 000 in a  stadium. Each session combines the laughter and celebration of making music with the joy of communicating together on the most fundamental level.


Armed with only a baton, enlivened by energy and humour, he conducts orchestras like none other on Earth. No one in his charge has rehearsed, and for some it may be the first time they have wielded an instrument. But the music they create together amazes and inspires.


Using only simple percussion instruments and charisma—the Silent Conductor inspires his audience to sculpt a symphony that is uniquely theirs. He knits together teams and builds unity. He says nothing, but his music speaks volumes.

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