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The May Days

Improvisation Unlocks Creativity

Improvisation Master Class & Workshops

The Maydays are an award winning improvised comedy and theatre company. As one of the UK’s top schools for improv, they offer critically acclaimed live shows, workshops, corporate training and more.

Whatever your specific objectives and desired outcomes, the underlying principle of the May Days is be to bring everyone in the room into the moment, focussed, listening and with a heightened state of awareness.

The safe and non-judgemental collaborative space they create with your team is a valuable training outcome in itself, but this is just the starting point. The quick-paced and often hilarious experiential activities transport people safely out of their preconceptions, comfort zones, habits and fixed thought patterns, to a place where they can start to interact with colleagues in new and refreshing ways. The longer the session, the more this approach is embedded, and the more profound its long-term effects will be.

Improvisation-based training provides a holistic solution to a wide range of leadership and management skillsets.

Improv-based corporate training can provide a free-standing inspirational performance or piece of entertainment, can act as an energiser or fast-track warmer to get people talking and listening.

But improv can also go much deeper than that. The May Days work with some of the world’s top companies and industry sectors in ways which help to integrate new leadership & management approaches, culture change and organisational development, by embedding the experiential approaches to improvisation into the heart of conference and executive training and facilitation events.


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