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Keelan Leyser

Reimagine the Impossible

Elevate your conference or event to the next level with a unique and magical experience.


Keelan Leyser is a professional magician, mentalist, and Keynote Speaker who makes an ideal choice to book as your event emcee and conference host. With his extensive television experience, Keelan brings unique skills to the table, including expertise in hosting live events, engaging audiences, and creating a fun and dynamic atmosphere. During the planning process, Keelan works closely with event planners and organisers to craft a show flow and scripting that meets your needs. Then, during the event, he keeps your audience engaged with his entertaining and professional approach while ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

Keelan is a highly regarded conference emcee known for his unique combination of skills and years of event experience and event hosting talent. As a professional and experienced emcee, Keelan understands the importance of choosing the right person to lead your event. He knows that the MC sets the tone for the entire conference and can make or break it.

With his background as a keynote speaker, stage magician, and mentalist he has the communication, charisma, and experience of working with large groups which is what makes him an effective Emcee (MC) and host. Keelan is a consummate professional and brings an engaging presence to each event he hosts. He takes the time to understand the goals and objectives of each event and customises his emceeing services to ensure that the conference is a success.

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