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On Fourth of July 2009, Stewart Hill was leading 160 men in a close combat fight against the Taliban in some of the fiercest fighting seen by UK forces in Afghanistan. He led from the front. Eight hours later medics battled to save his life after shrapnel from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) tore in to his brain.


Stewart provides a rare perspective of leadership in a moving, captivating and commanding presentation. He is able to add value to senior management leadership events. His talks are inspirational.


He has a whole wealth of experience to draw on and is able to motivate leaders in the workplace who may be encountering leadership issues. He articulates his thoughts on leadership in work but also leadership within the individual.


Stewart has been involved in a number of charity events and has performed in a West End play. He has discovered a passion for art and donates paintings to families of the fallen. Stewart has spoken at a number of public events concerning his injury that have been widely applauded. A respected military leader, his inspirational presentations combine his unique experiences in command and his own rehabilitation from a life changing injury.

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